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ABBA tribute band - Vancouver, BC

ABRA Cadabra is looking forward to performing a sold-out show at the Girls Night Out Party at Potter's Nursery in Surrey on November 4th as well a live performance at the Pan Pacific Hotel for the Canadian Liver Foundation Fundraising Gala on November 15th!

 CLICK HERE to see some live video of ABRA Cadabra 
at the opening of the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver and CLICK HERE to see the pictures. 

To book ABRA Cadabra for your Christmas Party or upcoming Event please call 604.312.1041

Pictured above: ABRA Cadabra performing 'Dancing Queen' LIVE at The PNE! CLICK HERE to see all of the Photos from the PNE Shows! 

Photos courtesy of Andreas Bernauer www,

ABBA Tribute Band Vancouver, BC