Our Social Responsibility initiative Kindness ROCKS is an educational, interactive & inspirational youth empowerment show, engaging students of all ages with the messages of kindness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, environmental awareness and social responsibility. By using the power of live music, dance, entertainment and the sharing of true personal stories we are able to convey serious and important messages in a fun, captivating and relatable way. Our goal is to help stop violence and bullying in schools and communities throughout the world by inspiring youth to take kind and positive action on a daily basis and to let them know how important their words, actions & individual contributions are to the world. The young people of today are our future leaders, parents, teachers and law-makers. We feel that by reaching our youth with these essential messages it will help to inspire long-lasting positive change throughout Canada and our world. Kindness ROCKS has been performing at schools throughout BC for over a decade and has reached over 100,000 BC youth to date.

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My wife and I were two very fortunate people who were invited to view the 'Kindness Rocks' production at Semiahmoo Secondary on February 25th. Man, were we so impressed. The show was so pertinent. It dealt with many of today's issues and those that will be so relevant in the future…And, it did it in a way that todays' youth could relate. As a former high school teacher I can assure you that this presentation had all the earmarks of a high powered lesson. It touched the students on many levels. It used rock music, it involved students and it related personal stories involving bullying. Throughout the show students were engaged and there was no doubt they were taking it all in. The anti-bullying theme was emphasized but, this show went even further. It promoted other positive themes -- the importance of inner strength, compassion for one another, appreciating what we have, respecting differences, appreciating and preserving the earth now and for future generations -- and so much more. This production is not something that has just been tossed together. It has been developed by people who are successful professionals and want to give back to the community. Their dedication and professionalism has resulted in a well thought out and dynamically presented show that cleverly weaves its pertinent messages between great rock music and student involvement. There is a wonderful balance between music and message. The sincerity of the show is obvious -- there is nothing phoney about this presentation. You could feel the sincerity of the performers oozing through to the audience. It is about caring and promotes those human qualities that so often seem to be lacking in our society. And the kids soak it up. This show is not religious or evangelical but, provides a necessary counter balance to the many negative messages and images young people are exposed to today. Respectfully,

Grant Anderson - Retired Teacher (34 years of service) Tsawwassen, BC

I cannot say enough good things about the show.  Everything was professionally run, right from the time we entered the school to the time we left for the buses.  The Kindness Rocks crew knew exactly how to cater to their audience.  My students (and staff) were 'pumped' by this high energy show and understood the message.  We were grateful to see Mr. Tully at the show as well.  The message the team sent out to our students was very powerful.  It was received by all.

Mr. Robbie Dhillon Vice Principal – Nanaimo District Secondary School

Brock Tully and the members of Kindness Rocks performed their concert for 560 students at our school last year. It was an exceptional performance and worthwhile for its performance value alone. The kindness message that was woven into the performance from beginning to end was simple, important, applicable, appropriate information that we continue to refer to in support of our school code of conduct and the ongoing development of social responsibility in our students. Brock, Jonas, Jeanette and the whole crew were some of the most genuine people that I have ever met and this certainly came through in their performance. The performance is built around the concept of kindness and that all of us are powerful people who, by performing simple kind acts, can profoundly affect the world that we live in. I am not sure that there is a more important message to give to young students. Kindness Rocks delivers in spectacular form. Sincerely,

Mike McEwan - Principal Edith Cavell Elementary School Vancouver, BC

WOW!!!! What a show. We were so impressed with your production today. It is hard for we (the much less talented but, no less appreciative) to comprehend the preparation, effort, commitment involved in putting such a show together. But, we know that a show of that nature is not something that 'just happens'. The contacts, logistics, rehearsals, sweating are all the things that go on behind the scenes to make it all work so beautifully. But, the results were spectacular -- not only entertainment-wise but, in terms of the multitude of messages you weaved into your show -- from the personal to the global -- to love and appreciate yourself and to love and appreciate the world in which we live. You personalized it -- the kids could relate – and they could see that this was not just a show that you put on but a presentation of sincerity. You balanced the frailty of humans with the potential of humans to deal not only with their own shortcomings but to be able to make the whole world a better place for all. This was a show that 'ALL' young people should see and your whole cast and crew should be commended on putting such a positive/ upbeat production. We appreciate what you've done and judging by todays' audience response so did everyone else. Great work!

Lyn Anderson – Retired Richmond School District Employee

I want to thank you for the amazing experience we had at Hugh Boyd Secondary School on February 27th. Kindness Rocks with Jeannette and Jonas was a huge hit! In addition to our own 840 students, we had almost 600 elementary school students join us for the shows. It was great! Jeannette and Jonas were awesome. They came to our school multiple times before the performances to talk with our staff and students and incorporate our students’ ideas into the show. What great opportunities for our students! The positive energy and thoughtful reflections shared with our students were really incredible. The message alongside the music was powerful and I believe will have a positive impact on our students. Lots of smiling faces left our gymnasium, Thank you very much for bringing Kindness Rocks to our school!

Mrs. Jane McFadyen Principal – Hugh Boyd Secondary Richmond, BC

It is with pleasure that I write this letter in support of Jeanette O'Keeffe, Jonas Falle and their outstanding performance, 'Kindness Rocks'. Jeanette, Jonas and their group performed two incredible shows at our school on September 20th, 2007. The first, to 1200 elementary school students (grades 1-7) from our community of schools and the second show, to the entire Templeton Secondary body of 1100 students (grades 8-12). Jeanette and Jonas first proposed their performances to some Templeton staff and myself back in June. Their incredible enthusiasm and pure drive gave us all little doubt that Kindness Rocks was indeed something special. In addition to the positive message and impact the students would receive, they outlined their desire to include a number of students from our school in dramatic, choral and dance routines they would incorporate into the show. Within an extremely tight time line, they connected with and transformed our student performers. The Kindness Rocks staff worked countless hours after school to ensure the students were prepared and rehearsed in their routines. Their commitment and confidence helped establish a buzz throughout the school even before the show date. Kindness Rocks is a show that touches people of all ages. Using a variety of mediums it appeals to everyone. Students, staff and community members in attendance were encouraged to sing and dance along. Hundreds did. The interactive, participatory show allows for students to express themselves in a comfortable and secure environment, while at the same time, encounter the heartfelt and important messages of acceptance, perseverance and generosity. Regardless of whatever they were part of the show or part of the audience there was something for all. The atmosphere and energy of Kindness Rocks created helped break some of the barriers and stereotypes that ordinarily influence many students. In particular, new students. As one staff commented, 'this was easily the best start to the school year we have had in the 14 years I have been here.' I attribute a significant part of the success to the environment Kindness Rocks helped establish. I would like to thank the entire Kindness Rocks entourage for the spirit, enthusiasm and message they delivered to our school. It was a remarkable educational event that I encourage all schools to experience. Sincerely,

Mr. Michael Finch Vice-Principal - Sentinel Secondary West Vancouver, BC

Well, what an incredibly impressive event this afternoon! I have got to say, if someone asked me if I had any comments about tweaking anything to improve it, I honestly don't think I would have anything to add! Talk about grabbing the audience attention! It was fun, it was informative, the kids obviously received the message and everybody that was there, young and old had a terrific time. I also enjoyed how there was some interaction with the kids and how some of the teachers were included. This really added a fun and crazy element for the kids and the participation element is a positive one. I really have to say I think this is a total winner! Thanks for all the work you have done on this, it was a totally and completely awesome event!

Janet Zarowny - Vancouver, BC

Good afternoon Jonas! I wanted to write you a note thanking you for all of the extra recognition you gave to the English Bluff Singers in the Kindness Rocks concert last week.  You and the band created an experience for these children that they will never forget for their entire lives.  The children learned many things about themselves, about performing, and of course, the energy that is needed to be a successful entertainer.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity you have created for these young ones.  Its people like yourself that impact these children and how they perceive their entire well being and others.  I cannot thank you enough.  If there is anything I can do for you in the future regarding performances, please let me know. Take care and please pass on my thanks to Jeanette as well.

Ericka Van Iperen - Music Teacher English Bluff Elementary School - Tswwassen B.C.

Coast Capital Savings promise is to build a richer future for youth in our communities. A large component of that is investing in programs that build self-esteem, social skills and a sense of belonging. Kindness ROCKS promotes all of those needs in an innovative, accessible way.  It is a partnership that brings like-minded organizations together to make a real difference and inspire real change

Wendy Lachance, Director of Community Leadership at Coast Capital Savings Kindness ROCKS Presenting Sponsor - 2009 to 2013

Hi Jonas, I just wanted to extend a thank you to you and your team for coming to the Island and making a difference.  I have attached a note from our Manager, Lisa de Leeuw as I wanted you to read first hand the impact that you had on your audience.  Again thank you for putting on this great event and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again next year. Regards,

Gerry Eaton Coast Capital Savings Sponsorship & Events Specialist Victoria, BC

WOW what an emotionally moving show…it brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat!!!  Thank you for sending us the invitation! We all really enjoyed the show!  We need everyone in the world to see how Kindness Rocks…Jonas was very inspirational along with his partner, Jeanette.  Ok everyone there was so kind and inspiring and made you feel that you should go out and do acts of kindness and chat about it….Have a wonderful afternoon.

Lisa de Leeuw Coast Capital Savings - Branch Manager Nanaimo, BC

Thank you so much!! I LOVED IT!!!! I would recommend that EVERYONE go and see this! I shed some tears, laughed and couldn’t stop smiling!! I left feeling like I wanted to HUG the whole world!! Thanks again!!!

Ruth Warawa Coast Capital Savings - Financial Services – Nanaimo, BC

From the moment I entered the gym, I could feel the highly positive energy as well as the 'grandness' of the event - from the lights and special effects to the buzz of an incredibly well organized team at work, their welcoming smiles and friendly, helpful manner. What a wonderful introduction! I am sure you were able to see the students' enthusiasm but what may have been harder to see from the stage is the response of the teachers and guests. You had everyone truly rockin'. I can tell you, EVERYONE was into it! More than just incredible performances...a powerful message. I really loved the balance between high energy entertainment and heart-centered story sharing and presentations. Again, a huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS.

Nadine Marshall - Co Founder of Kind Acts and The Coinspiracy

I just wanted to thank you for giving our students an opportunity to be a part of the Kindness Rocks concert. It was really a special thing for them to be involved with and have the chance to express their talents and interests with you. The students we brought today (audience) loved the music. I got a kick out of watching the freedom the elementary kids had to dance and enjoy the music, it was such a contrast to where my students are at: so shy and self conscious. I could hear my students though: 'oh, I love this song. . . and I love this song too!'  I think they felt part of the show as they could relate to your stories and the songs.  Again, thank you for sharing your talents and love for music with us to promote kindness. It’s inspiring to see people contributing to the world with their gifts and passions, their light. Thanks for giving the kids the opportunity to 'shine their light'. It really made a difference for them and adds something positive to their stories. Thank You for the reminder to be kind to self and the earth. Sincerely

Alysa Patching Teacher, Montgomery Middle School. Coquitlam, BC  

Hi Brock and Jeannette: My husband and I attended Kindness Rocks last Friday. It was a WONDERFUL show and we truly enjoyed ourselves. What a good thing you are doing, and in such a fun way. I think your message is spot on. Jeannette, I admired how you told your personal story. You have a talent for communicating with children – it must come from being a mom. I had the distinct feeling that those children took your message of kindness and acceptance right into their hearts. Thank you for the good work that you do, Brock and Jeannette, and the entire Kindness Rocks Team.

Anita Ebenezer - Coin-spiracy Liaison

Wow! That was terrific. I loved the whole thing and it worked. I don't doubt for a second that the kids took it in. Thanks so much for sharing who you are in such a loving way and for getting kids excited about kindness.

Marg Hubard - Global Peace Hut