Show options & Details

The Piano Man Show comes in a variety of formats to suit events large and small. From a small house party to a theatre, festival or corporate event, we are able to accommodate a wide variety of different venues and budgets.

Solo Show: Male Lead vocalist on piano with additional instrumentation on backing tracks
Minimum Stage size: 8’ X 8’

4 - Piece Show: Male lead vocalist on piano, guitarist, percussionist and female background singer * Additional Instrumentation on backing tracks. Minimum Stage size: 12’ X 12’

6 - Piece Band Show: Male Lead vocalist on piano, guitarist, bass, drums, 2nd keyboards and female background singer
 Minimum Stage size: 16’ X 16’

7 - Piece Show: Male Lead vocalist on piano, guitarist, bass, drums, 2nd keyboards, female background singer and percussionist OR sax. Minimum Stage size: 16’ X 20’

8 - Piece Show: Male Lead vocalist on piano, guitarist, bass, drums, 2nd keyboards, female background singer, percussionist & sax. Minimum Stage size: 16’ X 20’

Show duration

The show is normally two 30 to 40 minute sets or one 60 to 75-minute concert set + encore if required but we are flexible and can configure the sets to work with your specific event schedule.


The Piano Man plays all of Billy Joel’s biggest hits. See the full Song List HERE

Sound, Lighting & Multi-media

For clients who require production, we can provide professional sound, stage lighting, multi-media (projectors & screens), LED or regular backdrop and technical crew to deliver, set-up, run and tear-down the show. If we are supplying sound & lighting production we require up to 4 hours for load-in, set-up and sound-check from when the stage and power are in place, depending on the size of show and venue. The client would be responsible for providing the stage and adequate power at the venue (220 range plug OR a 50 amp power drop).

If you already have sound & lights being provided, CLICK HERE to view our technical requirements & stage plot

Hospitality requirements

  • Private secure / lockable dressing room with mirrors, clothing rack, chairs, tables, clean towels, bottles of flat water, coffee & tea.
  • Access to a private washroom
  • Hot dinners on show day at least 2 hours before show
  • Parking at the venue for cast & crew vehicles

Booking the show

E-mail us at to let us know the date, location and size of your event and if you need us to provide sound & lighting production or any other additional services. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed quote.

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